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5 alternatives to plastic to store your food

1. Glass jars and containers: They are a good option, both for liquids and solids.

2. Steel containers: Stainless steel is very practical and durable. Make sure your containers are 100% food-grade stainless steel and not aluminum.

3. Reusable cloth lunch bags: If you are someone who uses plastic bags, you have the option of using reusable cloth bags to transport lunches and snacks in a comfortable, healthy and sustainable way.

4. Glass or stainless steel bottles: Your best options are reusable glass bottles with some type of protection.

5. Beeswax wrappers: This is an alternative to plastic film and aluminum. These wrappers come in cotton and hemp fabric, are covered with beeswax, and are an incredibly versatile tool, both for storing food and for transporting them.


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