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Birthdays And Their Importance In Early Childhood Development

Birthdays, surrounded by traditions and celebrations, are a special and necessary part of childhood.

A child’s birthday is an important milestone, and should be a moment of celebration.

The Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University asserts that birthdays improve a child’s cognitive development by stimulating self-esteem. “Children are born with the capacity to learn… retain information… but their experiences as early as the first year of life lay a foundation for these and other executive function skills”.

In essence, if a child’s experiences are comprised of events where they are being celebrated, they will grow a higher level of self-importance thereby enhancing their cognitive development.When a child feels celebrated, they also feel loved and meaningful among family and peers. This contrasts to a child who may feel uncertainty in themselves and in their significance.

From a less academic perspective, the value of celebrating birthday parties specifically can help children build relationships at school and may set them up with life-long friends. This is important because it is already hard enough to work through the social barriers that children have – from shyness to embarrassment, low self-esteem, puberty, bullying.

Birthday celebrations create social situations where children have positive interactions with each other. It sets the stage for them to learn how to make friends in a comfortable environment.

A child’s birthday party is a special event, which unlike most other celebrations, is focused on one child at a time. This provides an excellent opportunity to create a setting where the child is the center of positive energy and attention. Children benefit from feeling important and become more confident in themselves. Additionally, their peers will also treat him (during and after the event) as if they are also important.

Birthdays strengthen family bonds. Having family traditions is positive. No matter what the size of the celebration is, what is relevant is the sense of being together in a family setting to celebrate something special.

They also create positive memories. Creating memories from a celebration can be something really meaningful.

It also helps children have a perception of time. Children are not aware of their growth if not through others. That’s why birthdays are a great way for them to discover the process of growing up.

In a nutshell, birthday parties are a wonderful way for children to socialize, interact and engage with other children their age, and their family. Attending or throwing birthday parties are wildly important to ensuring a child doesn’t have any problems fitting in.

“Many, if not most, children like to be the center of attention and no environment is better able to provide that than a child’s birthday party,” says Susan Newman, social psychologist, “For the hesitant child, being the focus of attention can shore up confidence; for the child who is outgoing and social, it’s an opportunity to show off and be a star.”





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