Escuela Bilingüe

Communication with Parents

“We learn by playing and making friends”

The school has an open door policy.

There is active communication between teachers and parents:

Daily reports: The child has a diary with daily information.

Trimester Report: The children take home a folder with artwork, together with a report card, and a detailed account of his progress.

Personal interviews: there are personal interviews with the homeroom teacher and Head of School in November and May.

Parents may also request a personal interview with the teacher or headmistress throughout the school year by making an appointment.

Holidays: we invite families to participate in Holidays throughout the school year: Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and The End-of-the-School-Year Party.

Family days: An annual welcome and farewell picnic is organized so that the parents can get to know each other. These are weekend events, somewhere in the country, and lots of fun for children and parents.

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